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Faure's Surrealism expresses the convergence of dreams, sexual desire, knowledge and erudition. It is characterised by the juxtaposition of mythical phantasms and modern human condition imagery.

Faure's paintings find their root in Surrealism and hold myriad hidden messages and symbols which deal with the brutality of human consciousness and sub-consciousness. His paintings denounce the addiction of humankind for war, and reflect on its pursuit of sexual gratification, while vying for money and power.  In his paintings Faure challenges our values by juxtaposing war against peace, reality against utopia, mythology and history against present and future, and ignorance against knowledge.  The paintings are evocative, intelligent pieces which draw the viewer to examine art in the context of myth, philosophy and history.

Meticulous eyes will discover inspiration and references from philosophers and writers such as Plato, Epictetus, Homer, Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre and Franz Kafka, and painters such as Delvaux, Matisse, de Chirico, and of course, Dali.

Faure believes that regardless how many civilisations are destroyed by the monetisation of human life, the obsession for power, and the egocentric selfishness of man, art will prevail and knowledge will be restored. For without them, there is no human race.

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524 Vir Absurdus.jpg

Vir Absurdus

526 The Red Planet.jpg

The Red Planet

Patrick Faure interview Temple of Mars

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