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From Surrealism to Faurism


It is a common practice to disassociate art from philosophy as if the two can only exist separately in independent universes. Yet, this mistaken concept is contrary to the position of a majority of philosophers, from Socrates to Sartre. The creation of the work of art starts with a philosophical consciousness that establishes the aesthetic object inside a thought system. What we call beautiful is not the real objects but the ensemble of ideas that are created in the work of art. An artist – and this is the greatest difference between an artist and a painter - must first have a philosophy. Every artist has a philosophy, whether he knows it or not. If he does not, his works are simply paintings. It is the spectator who fails to understand this model. For example, when we look at the Hudson River School of painting, the first perception is that we are basically looking at excellently executed landscapes. For the average viewer, the landscapes are simple representations of an idyllic world with rivers and trees. To the uninitiated, they are anonymous landscapes of a long-forgotten era. But, these artists such as Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, or Albert Bierstadt, depicted a philosophy of life – in fact some of their figurative landscapes don’t even exist. They reflected on how men subjugated nature to their will. The philosophy then become apparent, and the mere paintings become art. What I am trying to do today through Faurism is to merge philosophy and art into a new movement that actually glorifies philosophy in art, in much the same way the Italian Futurists or Marcel Duchamp did at the beginning of the 20th Century.


Patrick Faure signs agreement with New York City Gallery - February 2019

We are pleased to announce that Patrick Faure and S&V Gallery of New York City have signed a representation agreement. S&V Gallery located at 43rd and 5th Avenue in the heart of Manhattan will propose Patrick’s work to the US market through a series of six events that will take place at the gallery starting in April 2019. These events include five multi-artist show and one solo show. The gallery will also represent Patrick at fairs in the United States.

Since this agreement covers the United States only, Patrick continues his work with Anemoi Art Gallery of Mayfair in London.



Commission a painting or installation

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Painting Commission

From concept to completion, you and Patrick will work together to bring an idea to reality. Whether you are commissioning a large or small, public or private painting, the process remains the same. 

1. First we need to make sure I am the correct artist for the work you want - for example, if you wish to have a landscape, I am probably not the best fit. 

2. You will need to provide basic information:

  • What size would you like your painting to be?

  • Do you feel strongly that certain colours should be included in the painting? 

  • What is your budget? 

  • What is your deadline?

If the painting is a portrait , you will need to provide photographs of the person.

3. We will give you a quote for the final painting. The quote is an in-depth explanation of what you can expect to receive as an end product. For example if it is framed, what type of frame.

4. First payment due and painting begins. After accepting the quote, a fifty percent down payment will be paid and work will begin on the painting.
5. Art work delivery and final payment due. Once the painting is complete, the final payment equal to the remaining amount of the quote is made and the finished artwork will be delivered to you.

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While installations work basically along the same rules as painting commissions, they are by nature highly customised and concept work. Thus, we will have to define and agree a concept, which may be rather different than first envisioned. Periodic reviews of the work are essential to ensuring the end product looks aligned to the original idea.




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