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Patrick Faure is a native of the Principality of Monaco and a contemporary Surrealist painter and author.


After receiving art training in Monaco and France, Faure moved to the United States and first gained recognition for his realistic work. Patrick relocated to London in 2010 and started to explore a new form of expression. His current paintings merge art, philosophy, and poetry in a new contemporary form of Surrealism, which ventures into the world of dreams, sexual desire, knowledge, and erudition. The result is a synthesis of mythical phantasms, modern human condition, and contemporary imagery.

Influenced by Platonic and Existentialist thought, Faure challenges the viewer to uncover the intricate messages hidden in every part of his creations. While critics have described his style as 'Escher meets Dali', Faure has developed his work into an epic poem questioning the metaphysics of homo sapiens' existence. 

Faure regularly participates in exhibits in Europe and America, where his work has been recognised with multiple awards. He is being represented by S&V Gallery in New York, and Acai Art Gallery in London.

List of shows

  • Palm Beach Show 2020 (Palm Beach)

  • S&V Gallery, Solo Show, 2019 (New York City)

  • START 2019, Saatchi Gallery (London)

  • Venice Biennale 2019, Espace Gallery (Venice, Italy) 

  • Invited Artist, Solo Show, City of Eskisehir, 2019 (Eskisehir, Turkey)

  • Solo Show, Anemoi Art Gallery, 2019, Mayfair (London) 

  • Affordable Art Fair Battersea, 2018 (London)

  • Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair 2018, Solo Show (Istanbul)

  • Grid Art Fair, 2018 (London)

  • BOIR Art Show, 2018 (Castell'Arquato, Italy)

  • Parallex Art Fair, 2017 (London)

  • Temple of Mars Performance Art, 2017 (London)

  • BOIR Art Show, 2017 (Castell'Arquato, Italy)

  • Sicily Solo Show, 2017 (London)

  • Turkish Business Association, 2017 (London)



  • FabUK (2018)

  • Sabah Newspaper (2018)

  • Sözcü Newspaper (2018)

Kensington Riverside Journal (2017)

email: patrickfaure17@outlook.com